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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting Dentist Southgate MI

If your jawbone is not strong enough to receive a dental implant, you’ve just had a tooth extracted, or bone loss is affecting nearby teeth, bone grafting from our Southgate, MI, dentists may be in order. A dental bone graft is common and lends both volume and density to the jaw where it is at its weakest.

Here’s more information about dental bone grafting and why it’s important. 

The Multiple Types of Dental Bone Grafts

Similar to how there are different types of general bone grafts, there are also various dental bone graft options. In particular, there are 4 and those include: 

  • Socket Preservation
  • Ridge Augmentation 
  • Sinus Lift 
  • Periodontal Bone Graft 

Socket preservation is recommended for patients who have just had a tooth extracted. The bone material is placed in the open socket soon after the tooth is pulled. For restorative options like implants, a ridge augmentation is performed. This procedure builds up the jawbone with respect to width and volume so it can provide a stable foundation. 

As far as the other two types are concerned, a sinus lift may be necessary if the upper back teeth are missing and a periodontal bone graft repairs damage done by gum disease. Each procedure may differ in terms of its details but all dental bone grafts work to restore the jaw and make it stronger.

Reasons for a Dental Bone Graft

The grafting procedure is all about giving your jawbone the support it needs. There are multiple scenarios in which our dentists may feel that this is necessary though we will only pursue the process if you’re 100% on board. 

Situations that may warrant the need for a bone graft include:

  • Dental implants are going to be placed in the future
  • You have significant bone loss due to gum disease or infection
  • You’ve experienced dental trauma
  • A tooth extraction is required

Make an Appointment 

Our dentists serving Southgate and Greater Detroit, MI, will make sure you’re well taken care of before, during, and after your bone graft. If you have any questions about the procedure, call Northline Dental today at (734) 284-8088 to request an appointment.