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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions Services Near Southgate MI

Typically reserved for teeth that are severely damaged, decayed, or impacted, tooth extractions are a necessity when every other treatment has been ruled out. The procedure itself is straightforward and can be made painless thanks to the administration of local anesthesia from our Southgate, MI, dentists.

Learn more about simple tooth extractions below.

How Do I Know If Tooth Extraction Is Needed?

Most of the time, if a tooth is broken or weakened, our dentists can make the repair with a tooth-colored filling, dental crown, or root canal therapy. When damage is too extreme, however, those fixes are no longer an option and we may recommend extraction.

A few common reasons for tooth removal include:

  • Deep-set tooth decay: When tooth decay becomes extensive and reaches the point where it compromises a significant portion of the tooth’s structure, extraction may become viable. 
  • Advanced gum disease (periodontitis): Gum disease can cause the supporting tissues and bone around a tooth to deteriorate, leading to loose teeth. When the tooth cannot be saved or stabilized, extraction may be required to prevent the spread of infection and preserve the health of neighboring teeth and gums.
  • Dental trauma: Accidents or injuries to the mouth can cause severe damage to a tooth, such as fractures or displacement. If the tooth cannot be repaired with other restorations, extraction may prevent further complications.

General Aftercare Tips

Practicing good oral hygiene after a tooth extraction is essential. You will need to keep the area clean to prevent any possible infection. Our dentists will provide you with dry gauze following the procedure that you will be expected to bite down on for 30-45 minutes to limit bleeding while clotting occurs.

It is also recommended that you avoid smoking, rinse your mouth thoroughly, and adequately brush the teeth next to the extraction site. There may be some discomfort after the procedure but over-the-counter pain medication or an ice pack should help relieve pain and swelling. Be sure to avoid more rigorous exercise for a few days as well.

Still have questions? Call our Southgate, MI, dental office and we’ll help you get the answers you need. We’ll also give you plenty of advice following your visit.

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Thinking about tooth removal can be anxiety-inducing. For this reason, we want you to know that our dentists serving Southgate and Greater Detroit, MI, will do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. Call Northline Dental today at (734) 284-8088 to request an appointment and learn more.