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3 Surprising Benefits of Tooth Extraction

When it comes to dental procedures, tooth extraction often carries a reputation for being scary and discomforting. It’s not uncommon for people to associate removal with pain, inconvenience, or even a loss of facial aesthetics. However, our Southgate, MI, dentists want patients to know that beneath these common perceptions, there are positive outcomes.


Recognizing Symptoms for Root Canal Treatment

A bothersome tooth can point to a range of underlying issues, but the reaction should be the same no matter the cause: seek care from our Southgate, MI, dentists if the discomfort persists for more than 2 days and doesn’t let up even when medication is taken. You may need root canal therapy to save your tooth from extraction.


Skipping the Dentist? 4 Reasons for Missed Dental Visits

If you’re like most people, there’s likely someone in your life that’s guilty of racking up quite a string of missed dental visits. This person could even be you. Our Southgate, MI, dentists understand that sitting in the exam chair isn’t always the most fun, but not seeing our team on a regular basis can put you at risk for complications in the future.


Invisible Armor: Understanding the Power of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants stand as an often-overlooked, but powerful shield for our teeth. In fact, our Southgate, MI, dentists encourage young patients as well as adults predisposed to cavity development to opt for the procedure. And why not? The process of putting sealants on your teeth is pain-free and a wise investment for the future.


4 Essential Cases Where Dental Crowns Save the Day

Placing dental crowns is routine but not in the sense that everyone who comes to see our Southgate, MI, dentists needs one. A thorough exam is performed first and we’ll make a professional recommendation before putting the “cap” on your tooth.


6 Clear Signs Your Smile Would Benefit From Dental Implants

Your smile is a valuable part of who you are and helps serve as a first impression for those you meet at work or elsewhere. The goal for many with missing teeth is to restore their smile in a way that truly reflects, not detracts from, their personality. If this also sounds like something you desire, our Southgate, MI, dental implant dentists can help.


The Sticky Truth: Why Dental Plaque is Your Smile’s Enemy

You’ve likely heard about dental plaque from a variety of sources, not just our Southgate, MI, dentists. Still, it requires daily oral hygiene and help from our team to keep it at bay and prevent unwanted damage from occurring. Keep reading to learn how dental plaque can affect your smile and ways you can take action.


Exploring the Role of Bone Grafts in Dental Implant Success

When patients hear about the dental implant procedure, they don’t always consider what may have to happen beforehand to prevent failure. Our Southgate, MI, dentists will of course discuss your treatment plan with you prior to getting started but dental bone grafts can come into play when there isn’t sufficient volume or density in your jaw to support a titanium post.


How Night Guards Are a Must-Have for a Healthier Smile

Grinding teeth or clenching them every time you sleep can lead to unwanted consequences for your smile if left unchecked. Our Southgate, MI, dentists can get in front of the issue and protect your precious pearly whites by crafting a custom night guard for you to put in place before you drift off.


Why Dental Implants Are Worth the Investment

It’s easy to let missing teeth get you down, but our Southgate, MI, dental implant dentists encourage you to take action sooner than later for the sake of your long-term oral health. Instead of more traditional forms of tooth replacement, we recommend the stability and longevity that implants provide.


Root Canal vs. Filling: Which Does Your Tooth Need?

When something feels off tooth-wise, it’s natural to want to know exactly what’s wrong right away. Oftentimes, treatment can be boiled down to two options: root canal therapy or a dental filling. Though either scenario requires further examination from our Southgate, MI, dentists, both are straightforward treatments designed to restore your smile.


Top 3 Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleanings

Many people tend to skirt their annual teeth cleanings because they think their smile is doing just fine or that the oral hygiene they practice at home is sufficient enough. While our Southgate, MI, dentists can understand the hesitancy, they do still stress the importance of coming in to see us on a regular basis.


Do I Need My Dental Crown Replaced?

When something is past its prime or not functioning like it once was, the wise decision is to phase it out and upgrade. This is especially true when the item in need of replacing is a dental crown. Our Southgate, MI, dentists advise against holding onto a crown that is no longer giving you protection your tooth deserves.


4 Reasons to Give Up Dentures for Dental Implants

Dentures will always be a tried and true tooth replacement option but when they’re directly compared to dental implants, they admittedly fall short. It is because of their shortcomings that many patients decide to switch to a more permanent solution thanks to our Southgate, MI, dental implant dentists.


When Tooth Removal Becomes the Right Move

Though it’s not a procedure that’s necessary on a regular basis, tooth extraction serves a purpose in a few distinct scenarios, all of which require a healthy level of consideration from our Southgate, MI, dentists. Our primary intention is to save your teeth so when extraction seems like the best option, we take the decision seriously.