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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns Dentist Near Me

Protective “caps” that are placed over damaged or otherwise weakened teeth, dental crowns work to restore strength, shape, and function. They are commonly used by our Southgate, MI, dentists to repair teeth with extensive decay, fractures, or following root canal therapy. Because our crowns are porcelain, they can be made to match the color of your natural teeth while still providing lasting durability and support.

Keep reading to learn more about the general process surrounding porcelain crowns

Dental Crown Procedure: Start to Finish

The placement of a dental crown will consist of two separate appointments. It’s during the first visit that the majority of the process will occur. To start, our dentists will examine the tooth in question and assess the level of damage. We also might take X-rays at this point to get a better idea of what’s going on. 

Next, we’ll trim down and reshape the tooth so that when the permanent crown is placed, it fits properly and is not bulky. You will lose a layer of your natural enamel during this stage but with the tooth already in need of support via a protective covering, it won’t make much of a difference.

Dental impressions will come after the tooth has been prepared. These will allow us to accurately capture the size and shape of the tooth so our outside dental lab has something to go off of to create your custom crown. We’ll put on a temporary crown while the permanent version is being fabricated. 

After a few weeks, the final crown will arrive at our Southgate, MI, dental office. Our dentists will wrap up the multi-step procedure by removing the temporary crown, checking the fit of the new one, and cementing it to your tooth.

Takeaway Benefits of Dental Crowns

When you have a tooth that is in a vulnerable state, a dental crown is the go-to restorative solution. It seamlessly blends in with your other teeth and prolongs the life of the tooth it’s covering. 

Dental crowns also:

  • Help strengthen worn, broken, and decayed teeth
  • Shield exposed teeth from wear and tear (erosion)
  • Improve your ability to chew
  • Can last up to 15 years if well taken care of 

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