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5 Main Causes of Dental Crown Pain

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Serving multiple purposes, dental crowns are designed to cover a damaged or decayed tooth, bringing it back to its original shape, size, and function. However, despite their widespread success and reliability, some patients experience discomfort, turning what should be a solution into a source of concern. The onset of pain or sensitivity in a crowned tooth can seem like an unsolvable mystery, but our Southgate, MI, dentists are here to help you find relief.

Here are 5 causes of dental crown pain.

You May Notice Pain With Your Crown Due to:

1. Immediate Post-Procedure Sensitivity

Following dental crown placement, it’s not unusual for patients to experience some form of sensitivity as a tooth adjusts. The sensation can range from mild to moderate and is often temporary, subsiding as the tooth and surrounding tissues heal.

Temperature sensitivity is one of the most common complaints following the dental crown procedure. Patients may notice that their crowned tooth feels particularly sensitive to hot and cold foods or beverages. This sensitivity should gradually decrease over time as the tooth adapts to the crown. In the meantime, avoiding extreme temperatures in foods and drinks can help minimize discomfort.

It’s also worth noting that some degree of gum sensitivity or soreness around the dental crown site is normal. The gums may be tender after the procedure, contributing to the overall sensation of sensitivity. This, too, is usually a temporary condition that improves with gentle oral hygiene practices and time.

For most patients, the immediate post-procedure sensitivity diminishes within a few days to a few weeks. However, if the sensitivity persists or worsens, it’s important to consult with our dentists. 

2. Improper Fit of the Crown

If you have a crown that hasn’t been tailored to match the precise contours of your mouth, it can lead to bite misalignment. Not only will the tooth wearing the crown experience discomfort, but surrounding teeth and the jaw may as well. Our dentists often have patients coming in with ill-fitting dental work from a previous practice so you’re not alone if this sounds like your situation.

What can manifest as a subtle annoyance when biting down can become a constant source of discomfort that affects your daily life and oral health. We will gladly re-fit you for a new crown so you don’t have to endure the consequences of an “off” restoration.

3. Receding Gum Line Around the Crown

Your gum tissue should look normal and healthy near your installed crown. However, this isn’t always the case. Gums that pull away from a tooth can expose the tooth’s root, which is much more sensitive to temperature and pressure. 

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This recession can be due to a variety of reasons, including aggressive brushing, gum disease, or even the natural aging process. The exposure of the more sensitive parts of your tooth can lead to pain and sensitivity, especially when consuming hot, cold, or sugary substances.

4. Decay Under the Crown

It’s a common misconception that a tooth, once crowned, is immune to further decay. Unfortunately, bacteria can infiltrate the margins where the crown meets the tooth, leading to decay underneath the protective cap. This can cause significant discomfort because the decay affects the tooth’s core, where the nerves reside. Identifying and treating such decay early is crucial to prevent more severe issues and potential tooth loss.

5. Cracked or Damaged Crown

Crowns are durable, but they are not invincible. They can crack or chip due to various factors, including the pressure from grinding teeth, chewing on hard foods, or trauma to the mouth. A compromised crown not only fails to protect the underlying tooth as intended but can also create sharp edges that irritate the tongue and cheeks, leading to a range of discomfort.

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Ask Our Team for Help

Persistent or severe sensitivity could indicate an issue with the fit of the crown or an hidden problem that needs to be addressed by our dentists in Southgate, MI. Call Northline Dental today at (734) 284-8088 to request an appointment so we can determine the right treatment to alleviate your pain.